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  • Applied Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms.

  • Responsive Applications.

  • Simulations and Visualizations.

  • Depth based 3D Model Construction Algorithms.

The enabling technologies for the future.

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Machine Learning

We use applied Machine learning techniques such as deep learning algorithms employing high performence GPU based computing for intelligent applications.

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Responsive Appliacitons

Anilogix's fully integrated modular business solutions for enterprises and industries are besd on responsive web compatible. They run seamlessly on different devices.

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3D Simulations

The AN-Terrain FX is a demonstration of our terrain rendering technology using latest GPUs.The 3D Simulations uses AN-Create 3D Technology to render scenes in real time.

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3D Depth Construction

The research is focused on 3D depth construction algorithms using depth sensor based technologies and cameras to extract depth information from 2D images.

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