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Cutting edge technologies for next generation software applications and solutions

Technology Overview

At Anilogix, extensive research and development of technology transforms our vision into reality and help us achieve our goal of self reliance. This approach not only provide us the maximum control over applications but also give us competitive advantage and leading edge. This leads to more stable, robust, high-performence consistent products and solutions.

Real Time 3D Game engine

It is a generic high-performance game development system for entertainment and simulation industry. Supports Advanced Physics and Dynamics component. The architecture is designed to be scalable, optimized and extensible with fully functional content production pipeline integrated with commercial packages.

Real Time 3D simulations

The the real time game engine technology is also used in Simulation and visualization applications across wide fields like military simulaions, vehicle trainers, interactive architectural walkthroughs, GIS terrain data visualizations, medical imaging, etc. The engine supports VR and panoramic rendering for multiple GPUs.

Middleware Components

The middleware refers to indepentent reusable software modules which can be integrated with any application at it's development stage resulting in significantly reduced development time while increasing productivity and extending functionality. The integration of our middleware module can be done with in few hours or days.

RAD framework

Our RAD framework is specifically designed to increase productivity and cut down on development time, while maintaining standards and consistency. Our optimized template based generic libraries simplify the handling of complex data structures and algorithms. Customized deveolpment tools let us quickly produce solutions and products.

Machine Learning

Our research is aimed at finding informaion from 2D images and tagging it autmatiucally in a central database for high level querying about the object in image. We employ variuous machine learning techniques such as Deep learning to identify the information inside the image. the spatial and temporal properties can be extracted from the image, most importantly the 3D model can be extracted from the image information.

Depth Recoustruction

The depth information extraction is computationally challenging task. A lot of effort is put into automation and approximation of depth extraction from images. We applied machine learnig based depp learning approach to extract the depth information. This information then can be applied in various applications which may include but not limited to object detection, object tracking, 3D reconstruction, image processing etc.

3D Smiulations

Anilogix's realtime 3D simulations and visualization technologies are powered by our realtime 3D game engine technology framework. The technology supports realtime distributed multi-screen panoramic rendering along with hardware integration for mockups and interfacing with actual gadgets and instruments for real time input. The simulation solutions provide unprecedented benefits in lowering the cost of trainings, making strategic decisions, testing and time savings.

Responsive Web

The web interface is browser based responsive web forms amd reports provided by our framework. It represents frontend web forms and reports. The legacy data can also be trasformed and migrated into the new application by using our migration tools and components. The data validation business rules and logic can also be extracted from the legacy system and plug into the new web enabled application. The business rules and logic transformation can be done in parallel without any interruption of legacy application.